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Since its inception the team behind Catalytic Clothing continue to investigate the technical and funding partnerships required to advance the large scale data sets that are needed to determine efficacy, safety for any ultimate public use. At 2018 these discussions continue.

There is therefore no current activity of the project in the public domain, other than for exhibition purposes.

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Catalytic Clothing is a partnership
between The University of Sheffield,
University of the Arts London /
London College of Fashion


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Press contact: Rebecca Munro r.b.munro@fashion.arts.ac.uk


Key Statements: Professor Helen Storey, Professor Tony Ryan, and Professor Frank Kelly

“Behind almost all human advancement lies a science. Through my work I try to share and involve the public with these possibilities -Catalytic Clothing is for me therefore, a collaborative and public experiment between fashion and science, in this case, a beautifully radical new concept which endeavors to purify the air that we breath through the surface of our clothes.”

Professor Helen Storey MBE, Fashion and Science, London College of Fashion

“Catalytic Clothing is a beautiful manifestation of a deeply technical process... we will engage the public in formulating it’s nature and application allowing us to develop something that is both user friendly and technically excellent.”
Professor Tony Ryan OBE, PVC Faculty of Science, University of Sheffield

“Catalytic Clothing is an innovative biomedical and environmental project that spans the art/science domain. The possibility that innovative pollution degrading materials can be incorporated into the fabric of our cities and even our clothes to help provide a solution to urban air pollution is simply fantastic.”

Professor Frank Kelly, Environmental Health, King’s College London

Press update 19 April 2013

Tony and Helen and the project feature in TIME article, in celebration of Earth Day.
Catalytic Clothing: An Unconventional Collaboration Explores Fabrics That Can Purify the Air.

Press update 13 December 2012

London College of Fashion have collated many of the articles and features on the project over the last few months. This file is available to download here.

Press Update 29 October 2012

A selection of recent features from August - October include:

BBC Breakfast - Blue jeans to help the environment?

The Financial Times - Clean jeans: wash away pollution

CBBC Newsround - Washing powder helps jeans to clean air

BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours.

The Observer - We can use jeans to clean up our cities.

Mail Online
- The jeans that eat pollution

The Independent - Does my bum look big in my catalytic converter?

Wired Magazine
- Laundry additive sees denim combat air pollution

Profile Magazine - Meadowhall's October Fashion Month

Radio 5 Live - Naked Science interview with Tony Ryan available to download here

Discovery News - Rinse cycle turns clothing into pollution buster

The Engineer - CatClo-treated fabric removes nitrogen oxides from the air

Phys Org - Pollution-busting laundry additive gets set to clean up

Scientist Live - Pollution busting laundry additive gets set to clean up

E&T Magazine - Pollution-busting laundry agent to help clean up environment

CNet - Laundry additive turns shirts, pants into pollution eaters

Digital Trends - Laundry detergent that creates pollution eating clothing moves towards commercialisation

French Tribune.com - Catclo to ward of Nitrogen Oxide from air

Ecotextile News - Clothing additive to clean up air

North Norfolk Laundry Services - Laundry detergent that creates pollution-eating clothing

Press Update 15 July 2012

A new report compiled by the Press office at London College of Fashion shows the widespread press attention which Catalytic Clothing continues to attract.
Part 1, covers the period June 2011 to Sept 2011 and is available for download here (54mb Zipped).
Part 2, covers the period September 2011 to June 2012 and is available for download here (14.8mb).

Catalytic Clothing Campaign: A Media Snapshot June – September 2011

The campaign kicked off virally, on June 8 2011, by releasing a teaser short film (MPU) to a network of bloggers, trend forecasters and design networks. On 15th June the full version of the campaign film starring Erin O’Connor was released and quickly spread across the web. Within the first week there were over 116,000 page impressions of the MPU across 10 of the most influential sites and over 3,100 downloads of the full length film across 75 different countries, linked from 32 sites, in the first 2 days.

On Wednesday 6 July London College of Fashion hosted a media conference to launch Catalytic Clothing officially to the outside world. That day, Helen Storey spoke to 8 regional BBC Radio stations across the country from Cornwall to Scotland reaching over 1.8 million listeners. The attendance by some of some of the world’s biggest news agencies underlined the huge response by broadcast media to the project. International news agencies the AFP (Agence France-Presse) and AP (Associated Press) produced films which would go on to be screened on China TV and Euronews which alone has over 3.6 million viewers (the most watched news service in Europe). BBC Radio One ‘Newsbeat’ picked up the story during the day reaching a potential audience of over 11 million people across the UK.

After the launch the campaign began to fly with the online community picking up the story quickly – from Vogue.co.uk (1.2 million hits per month) to the Daily Mail online (4.3 million unique visitors daily). The project had captured everyone’s imagination. Broadcast continued to be an early adopter of the story with heavy weight radio station BBC Radio 4 picking up the piece on ‘Material World’ and ‘Costing the Earth’ reaching a combined audience of over 2.5 million people. The campaign continued to gain momentum through social media with a collective conversation happening on Twitter and Facebook. In just four months (June – September 2011) the number of followers on Twitter who will have heard about Catalytic Clothing was in excess of 5.2 million people.

Magazines and newspapers too were also beginning to pick up the story – especially with the Field of Jeans coming to cities around the UK. Pieces in The Times special supplement Eureka Magazine and the Daily Telegraph reaching over 2 million people. The spread across world wide media was astounding, a small cross section of countries were coverage appeared include: India, New Zealand, USA, Australia and Ireland and further spread by Twitter to Brazil, Canada, Kenya and Israel.

Helen and Tony are continuing to spread the word by taking the campaign on their travels. After taking the world’s first air purifying dress to Moscow they appeared on three major TV networks pulling in audiences of over 173 million people. In Singapore the story was the same – appearing on TV and Radio and undertaking interviews reaching thousands of people in Asia.

For further information please contact Rebecca Munro.

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